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Articles & Multimedia

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
What Lies Beneath the Rhetoric 1 December 2006 Gabrielle Rifkind
Want to Ease Tensions with Iran? Just Try Talking 1 February 2007 Gabrielle Rifkind
This Dialogue of the Deaf is Making War More Likely 1 October 2007 Gabrielle Rifkind
The Human Cost of War: Name Before Shame 1 July 2009 John Sloboda
Joint Communiqué of the International Practitioner Network 1 November 2009 Recording Casualties Team
Bold New Claims, No New Evidence: NATO's 'Avoidance' of Civilian Harm Needs Measuring, Not Re-stating 1 November 2009 Rosemary Forest and Hamit Dardagan
Speech to the WikiLeaks-Iraq War Logs Press Conference 1 October 2010 John Sloboda
Recording Casualties Programme's Evidence to the Defence Select Committee 1 January 2011
Presentation to the Afghanistan Withdrawal Group: Afghanistan: Recording all the Dead is in Everyone’s Interests 1 January 2011 John Sloboda
Media release: Launch of Joint Campaign 'Together Afghanistan' 23 January 2011
Arab Third Way: Beyond Dictators and Islamists 9 February 2011 Khaled Hroub
The people on the street document casualties – why can't governments? 1 March 2011 John Sloboda
ORG in Conversation: Understanding Violence in Colombia – The Work of our Partners 1 March 2011 John Sloboda
'El contador de cuerpos en Iraq,' El País interviews John Sloboda 1 March 2011 El País
BBC World Service interview with Hamit Dardagan on civilian casualties in Libya 1 March 2011 BBC
Libya: Where Are the BRICs? 1 March 2011 Ben Zala
NATO Watch publication: Libya NATO must stick to the R2P script 1 March 2011 Dr Ian Davis, Director of NATO Watch
New RCAC Commentary: The People on the Street Document Casualties – Why Can't Governments? 2 March 2011
ORG OP-ED: A Possible Framework for Afghanistan Negotiations 1 April 2011 Giandomenico Picco
Joint Letter: NGOs Call for Immediate and Full Reporting of Every Casualty in Libya 1 April 2011 Recording Casualties Team
Guardian Leader: Afghanistan - No End Game in Sight 1 April 2011 David Hearst
Persian Tapestry. Source: Ars Decorativa Talking to the Enemy: All Eyes are on the Arab world - Just the Right Time to Approach Iran Anew 1 April 2011 Gabrielle Rifkind
ORG in Conversation: Mirsad Tokača and Truth Seeking, Truth Telling and Truth Keeping in Bosnia 1 May 2011 Elizabeth Minor
ORG Comment: After Osama – The Arab Spring is Pivotal 1 May 2011 Paul Rogers
September is Key for Middle East Peace Process 1 May 2011 Tony Klug
Guardian Letter - Israel and the Real Failing of Resolution 242 1 May 2011 Tony Klug
Presentation: Why We Should Document Every Casualty of Conflict, Both Civilian and Combatant 1 May 2011 Elizabeth Minor
Presentation at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy: Drones and Casualty Recording 1 June 2011 Prof Susan Breau, Prof John Sloboda
'Conflict Parties 'Legally Obligated' to Record Civilian Casualties': Susan Breau Interviewed on ABC South Australia 1 June 2011 ABC South Australia
'Group warns drone users violating laws of war': CBS report on ORG's findings 1 June 2011 Pamela Falk, CBS News