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Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Sustainable Security Blog Relaunched! 12 February 2014
James O'Connell Sad News: Loss of Our Friend Professor James O'Connell 8 September 2013
The Syrian Crisis 6 September 2013 Vera Evertz
A Malian airfield force protection vehicle and crew at Bamako Airfield, Mali. Political Violence in North and West Africa: A Sustainable Security Response 27 June 2013
Casualty Recording a Key Factor: 'Reclaiming the Protection of Civilians Initiative' in Oslo 19 June 2013 Every Casualty Programme
David Cameron with Soldiers in Afghanistan. Picture credit: UK Ministry of Defen Getting the Next Defence Review Right 30 May 2013
Damaged Red Cross stretchers, Lebanon. Source: http://bit.ly/1757zrM Every Casualty Presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine 18 April 2013 Every Casualty Programme
The original Geneva Convention http://bit.ly/119apsp Every Casualty and International Law: Presentation to the UK National Group of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War 18 April 2013 Every Casualty Programme
Signing of the New START treaty. Source: CSIS PONI. www.flickr.com The Fatal Flaw in Obama's Disarmament Plan - New Article Published in Leading Journal Nonproliferation Review 28 March 2013 Ben Zala
Building a North-South Dialogue on Global Security: Addressing a Marginalised Majority World 27 March 2013 Oxford Research Group
Participants at the first standards workshop Developing Standards in Casualty Recording: First Meeting of a Process 26 March 2013 Elizabeth Minor
The UN Security Council chamber Casualty Recording in the UN Security Council’s Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians 24 July 2012 Every Casualty Programme
Book Launch 11 July 2012: The Glorious Art of Peace, by John Gittings 11 July 2012
Palestinian Citizens of Israel Project: First Workshop 1 June 2012
Militarisation and the Challenges for Nuclear Abolition 27 April 2012
Middle East Project: Palestinian Citizens of Israel 13 February 2012
From Davos to Dystopia 20 January 2012
New Programme Website Launch: Everycasualty.org 20 December 2011
Insecurity and Complexity: Navigating the New Security Challenges 19 December 2011
The Palestinian Strategy Group Releases a New Strategic Document 24 October 2011
A map showing the locations of some of the members of the IPN First Conference of the International Practitioner Network Hosted by our Every Casualty Programme 15 October 2011
Avoiding the Mistakes of Oslo and Utøya in the Future 8 October 2011
Climate Change and the Security Policy Community: Forging a New Consensus in the UK 30 September 2011
The Wider Lessons from the Response to 9/11: Analysis Published in Leading Journal 23 September 2011
Beyond ‘Controlling’ Global Refugee Flows: A Sustainable Security Approach 28 July 2011
UN Security Council and the Security Consequences of a Warmer World 25 July 2011
UK vs. Germany: Delivering a Secure and Prosperous Future in a Fast-Changing World 25 July 2011
Early Impressions: Research on Casualty Recording Practice Worldwide 23 July 2011
A Sustainable Approach to Nuclear Zero: Breaking the Conventional-Nuclear Link 21 July 2011
USIP Highlight Every Casualty on their Website 30 June 2011