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Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing

Paul Rogers is Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and Global Security Consultant to Oxford Research Group. He has worked in the field of international security, arms control and political violence for over 30 years. Every month, Paul Rogers shares his expertise, analysis and commentary on security issues in our International Security Monthly Briefings. Visitors can sign-up to receive the briefings each month with our newsletter. The briefings are made available every month for free, but please consider making a donation.

Paul Rogers

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Gaza After Two Months – Consequences for Israel 2 September 2014 Paul Rogers
Gaza: Context and Consequences 31 July 2014 Paul Rogers
The Iraq Crisis (Part IV): Into the Second Month 9 July 2014 Paul Rogers
The Iraq Crisis (Part III): Is Baghdad at Risk? 30 June 2014 Paul Rogers
The Iraq Crisis (Part II): Catalyst for Anti-Regime Revolt and Paramilitary Coalition 23 June 2014 Paul Rogers
The Iraq Crisis: A Note on ISIL Advances and Potential Military Intervention 14 June 2014 Paul Rogers
The War in Syria: Responding to Stalemate 29 April 2014 Paul Rogers
The Ukraine Crisis in Relation to Syria and Iran 31 March 2014 Paul Rogers
Responding to Climate Disruption – Developing the Agenda 12 March 2014 Paul Rogers
Iranian Foreign Policy After a Nuclear Agreement 22 January 2014 Paul Rogers
Al-Qaida: An Idea in Search of a Cause 23 December 2013 Paul Rogers
Syria and Iraq: Planning for a Long War and a Long Recovery 28 November 2013 Paul Rogers
Syria, Russia and the Winter Olympics 30 October 2013 Paul Rogers
The Syrian Chemical Weapons Agreement in Perspective 30 September 2013 Paul Rogers
A northern alliance fighter holds a reward leaflet for bin Laden and Al Zawahiri The Evolution of the al-Qaida Movement 31 August 2013 Paul Rogers
Photo: Ponds in the sea ice atop the Arctic Ocean, Source: NASA Fighting Climate Change Denial: Climate Disruption in Perspective 31 July 2013 Paul Rogers
Photo: Bashar al-Assad Portraits in a window in Damascus, Syria. Source: James G War in Syria: The Proxy Element 11 July 2013 Paul Rogers
Syria: Deterioration or Compromise? 30 June 2013 Paul Rogers
Syria: The Transnational Dimension and the Chance of Compromise 31 May 2013 Paul Rogers
North Korea: Taking into Account the View from Pyongyang 30 April 2013 Paul Rogers
Iraqi Insusrgents with Guns. Source: Menendj, http://ar.wikipedia.org/ Al-Qaida and the Wider Jihadist Phenomenon 27 March 2013 Paul Rogers
Free Syrian Army rebel trying to save his friend's life. Source: FreedomHouse Syria: The Evolving Problem of Competing Militias 28 February 2013 Paul Rogers
Afghanistan and the New American Way of War 31 January 2013 Paul Rogers
Mali: Consequences of a War 28 January 2013 Paul Rogers
Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Island, 1946. Photo Credit: San Diego Air & Space Muse ORG Special Briefing: Chances for Peace in the Second Decade – What is Going Wrong and What We Must Do 14 December 2012 Paul Rogers
Al-Shabaab Child Soldier. Source: kindersoldatensomaliadudumagale (Flickr, 2009) Al-Qaida – The Potency of an Idea 29 November 2012 Paul Rogers
'Hillary Clinton, Syria and Humanitarian Eagerness'. Source: Osipowa (2012) The Iranian and Syrian Crises: The Dangers of Linkage 25 October 2012 Paul Rogers
Iran: The Significance of Fordo 30 September 2012 Paul Rogers
Free Syria Army Rebel, Soure: FreedomHouse The Jihadist Element in Syria and its Implications 28 August 2012 Paul Rogers
'Hungry for Climate Action' at Durban Climate Conference. Source: Oxfam Internat Food Security and Climate Change 30 July 2012 Paul Rogers