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The publication of authoritative expertise is a key ORG activity. Our publications are informed by rigorous research, subject to peer review and aimed at promoting new thinking and realistic policy recommendations. At all times, our practice is to make accurate information available so that open public debate can take place.

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Cover Title Type Author(s) Date
David Cameron with Soldiers in Afghanistan. Picture credit: UK Ministry of Defen Getting the Next Defence Review Right News 30 May 2013
North Korea: Taking into Account the View from Pyongyang Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 April 2013
Obama in the Footsteps of Sadat Articles & Multimedia Tony Klug 26 April 2013
The original Geneva Convention Every Casualty and International Law: Presentation to the UK National Group of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War News Every Casualty Programme 18 April 2013
Damaged Red Cross stretchers, Lebanon. Source: Every Casualty Presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine News Every Casualty Programme 18 April 2013
Signing of the New START treaty. Source: CSIS PONI. The Fatal Flaw in Obama's Disarmament Plan - New Article Published in Leading Journal Nonproliferation Review News Ben Zala 28 March 2013
Building a North-South Dialogue on Global Security: Addressing a Marginalised Majority World News Oxford Research Group 27 March 2013
Iraqi Insusrgents with Guns. Source: Menendj, Al-Qaida and the Wider Jihadist Phenomenon Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 27 March 2013
Two Norwegian F-16s, during NATO-led Operation Unified Protector in Libya Casualty Recording as an Evaluative Capability: Libya and the Protection of Civilians Briefing Papers and Reports Jacob Beswick and Elizabeth Minor 25 March 2013
RAF Fighter Controller at Work Onboard a Sentry E3D Surveillance Aircraft, SAC S 'Hitting the Target?': RUSI Whitehall Report and Launch Event Publishing Paper on Libya and the Protection of Civilians from our Every Casualty Programme Event Every Casualty Programme 15 March 2013
Participants at the first standards workshop Developing Standards in Casualty Recording: First Meeting of a Process News Elizabeth Minor 26 March 2013
Fredy Peccerelli of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation ORG in Conversation: Interview with Fredy Peccerelli of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation Articles & Multimedia Oxford Research Group 27 March 2013
'Remote control precision warfare is not bloodless'. Source: Somin Belcher, Alam New ORG-hosted Project: Remote Control - Examining Changes in Military Engagement Remote Warfare Programme Caroline Donnellan and Paul Rogers 6 March 2013
Extreme Storm Manhattan, NYC, September 2012. Source: Lisa Bettany via Getty Ima Digest: Extreme Weather, Climate Disruptions and Resource Insecurity Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 5 March 2013
Free Syrian Army rebel trying to save his friend's life. Source: FreedomHouse Syria: The Evolving Problem of Competing Militias Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 28 February 2013
'To Help Syria, Talk First to Iran and Saudi Arabia', says ORG Article in the Guardian Articles & Multimedia Gabrielle Rifkind and Giandomenico Picco 12 February 2013
Out of the Syrian Quagmire Articles & Multimedia Giandomenico Picco and Gabrielle Rifkind 7 February 2013
Malian soldiers arresting a suspected Islamist in Timbuktu. Source: Getty via Hu Mali: A Quandary Like Afghanistan? - Huffington Post Interview with Ben Zala Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 29 January 2013
Afghanistan and the New American Way of War Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 31 January 2013
Mali: Consequences of a War Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 28 January 2013
Soldiers train with UAV's. Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB Remote Control – a New Way of War Remote Warfare Programme Paul Rogers 25 January 2013
ORG Round Logo Event Invitation: Paul Rogers' Café Diplo Talk on 18 February 2013 Event Vera Evertz 25 January 2013
Image Source: The Age via Reuters Western Allies Shouldn't Make the Same Mistakes in Mali - ORG Comment in Broadcast Media and Newspapers Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 24 January 2013
Source: Channel 4 News Betting on the Wrong Horse Again: Another Long War in Mali? (ORG on Channel 4 News, Part 2) Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 23 January 2013
A boy looks at pictures of missing and killed Libyans in a street in Benghazi Libya's Government Announces Significant Revision of its own Casualty Figures Articles & Multimedia Every Casualty Programme 9 January 2013
Source: Channel 4 News Betting on the Wrong Horse Again: Why Western Intervention is Destined to Fail in Mali (ORG on Channel 4 News, Part 1) Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 22 January 2013
Public Event: Representing Casualties of the Iraq War Event 16 May 2011
NEW BRIEFING: Britain Needs Full International Security Review - Government Cannot Duck Tough Questions News 10 May 2010
Middle East Live blog. Source: The Guardian Every Casualty Programme Comments on New UN Syria Study on The Guardian Articles & Multimedia Oxford Research Group 3 January 2013
Annual Report: What ORG Did in 2011 Briefing Papers and Reports Vera Evertz 17 December 2012
Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Island, 1946. Photo Credit: San Diego Air & Space Muse ORG Special Briefing: Chances for Peace in the Second Decade – What is Going Wrong and What We Must Do Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 14 December 2012
Diorama Showing Victims of Chemical Attack, Halabja Memorial Museum. Source: Ada The Halabja Project: Uncovering the Truth 25 Years Later Articles & Multimedia Hana Salama 12 January 2013
Israel's Social Justice Movement, challenging inequality in Tel Aviv. Source: Ma Israeli Strategic Forum: Paths to a More Equal Israel Articles & Multimedia 4 December 2012
Photo Credit: Iran: Amid Crises, Signs of Deal on Iran's Nuke Programme Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 21 November 2012
Al-Shabaab Child Soldier. Source: kindersoldatensomaliadudumagale (Flickr, 2009) Al-Qaida – The Potency of an Idea Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 29 November 2012
Campaigners for the Control Arms coalition set up a mock graveyard next to the U A Top-Down Approach to Sustainable Security: The Arms Trade Treaty Articles & Multimedia Zoë Pelter 17 November 2012
Humanitarian Disarmament Logo. Source: ORG Joins Other NGOs in Calling for Stronger Disarmament Initiatives Worldwide Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 26 November 2012
Casualty Recording Practice Study Launched in Washington, D.C. Articles & Multimedia Elizabeth Minor 17 November 2012
'If the sanctions drag on, the shortage of food could become very significant'. The Unfolding Human Catastrophe in Iran Articles & Multimedia Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi and Muhammad Sahimi 29 October 2012
'Hillary Clinton, Syria and Humanitarian Eagerness'. Source: Osipowa (2012) The Iranian and Syrian Crises: The Dangers of Linkage Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 25 October 2012
‘After Peak Oil’. Source: (2005) Digest: Resources, Land Grabs and Conflict Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 25 October 2012
The 'Wall of Names' at the Kigali Memorial Centre, Rwanda, remembering Rwandan g Largest Ever Study of Casualty Recording Practice Announces Findings Articles & Multimedia Every Casualty Programme 22 October 2012
Woman holding a water vessel in Khajapettai Main. Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, In Water Scarcity: The Real and Virtual Problems Articles & Multimedia Ben Zala 21 October 2012
Oil Barrels. Source: Joe Mabel (2008) Sanctioning Iran: Implications and Consequences Briefing Papers and Reports Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi 9 October 2012
Map of Syrian Casualties. Source: Syria Tracker Syria's Bloodiest Day: Interview with the Every Casualty Programme Articles & Multimedia Every Casualty Programme 1 October 2012
Corn Crops. Source: BBC Radio 4 'Costing the Earth' Cruel Harvest: Paul Rogers Interviewed about Food Security on BBC Radio 4 'Costing the Earth' Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 2 October 2012
Iran: The Significance of Fordo Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 September 2012
Policy Paper: Towards the Recording of Every Casualty Briefing Papers and Reports Elizabeth Minor 22 October 2012
Practice Study: Good Practice in Conflict Casualty Recording Briefing Papers and Reports Elizabeth Minor, John Sloboda and Hamit Dardagan 22 October 2012
Book Cover: The Glorious Art of Peace by John Gittings The Narrative of Peace: What We Can Learn From the History of Peace Thought Articles & Multimedia John Gittings 28 August 2012