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Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Gabrielle Rifkind Speaks at Keele World Affairs 31 March 2017
Age of Consequences Screening and Q&A 30 March 2017
Event - Spring Special Screenings and Q&As 21 February 2017
Event - Shadow World: Screening and Q&A 12 January 2017
Event - Casualty Recording Post-Chilcot 1 December 2016
Event: Irregular War: The Future of Global Conflicts 9 November 2016
Event: Jaw Jaw is Better than War War 7 September 2016
Event: We Are Many Screening + Q&A 6 July 2016
ORG Special Fundraising Event: Europe, Russia and Preventive Diplomacy 30 June 2016
Event: Fighting The Menace Of War: What Would Einstein Say Today? 29 June 2016
ORG Online Auction ‐ Bids Close on Monday July 18th at 12pm 27 June 2016
Eye in the Sky - Screening and Q&A 20 May 2016 Louise Pudney
Speakers address the audience at the event ORG Co-hosts Trident Debate 17 December 2015 Louise Pudney
Remote Warfare Panel Events in November 17 December 2015 Esther Kersley
Special Event, 26 November: Trident. Arguments for, against and alternatives 21 October 2015
Paul Rogers seminar in Bristol: "Irregular War: ISIS, Elites and Revolts from the Margins" 7 October 2015
Hans Blix speaks at ORG Special Fundraising Event 22 July 2015 Louise Pudney
Health Through Peace flyer Public Event: ORG Partners with Medact on Health Through Peace Forum 11 June 2015
Global Diplomatic Forum Conference Public Event: Gabrielle Rifkind to Speak at the Global Diplomatic Forum Conference on 24 March 24 March 2015
Scilla Elworthy Public Event: Scilla Elworthy in Conversation with Gabrielle Rifkind at Oxford Literary Festival on 21 March 21 March 2015
conscience-taxes-for-peace-not-war Public Event: Richard Reeve to speak on panel at People's Parliament with John McDonnell MP 11 Feb 2015 11 February 2015 Richard Reeve
Fog of Peace Gabrielle Rifkind Public Event: Can you talk to ISIS? Interdisciplinary Seminar with Gabrielle Rifkind on 5 Feburary 5 February 2015 Gabrielle Rifkind
Oxford Research Group. Reconciliation through Film's pilot project in Sri Lanka. Public event: Films for peace in Sri Lanka - a new opportunity? Chris Langdon to speak at event on 4 Feb 2015 4 February 2015 Chris Langdon
Public Event: The Fog of Peace authors Gabrielle Rifkind and Giandomenico Picco in conversation in October 8 October 2014 Gabrielle Rifkind, Giandomenico Picco
Remote Control Annual Stakeholder Conference 8 July 2014
Gabrielle Rifkind & Lord John Alderdice 'In Conversation' 4 June 2014
Liddite Event: The Fog of Syria 4 March 2014
Media Launch: Naming the Dead 26 September 2013 Every Casualty Programme
RAF Fighter Controller at Work Onboard a Sentry E3D Surveillance Aircraft, SAC S 'Hitting the Target?': RUSI Whitehall Report and Launch Event Publishing Paper on Libya and the Protection of Civilians from our Every Casualty Programme 15 March 2013 Every Casualty Programme
ORG Round Logo Event Invitation: Paul Rogers' Café Diplo Talk on 18 February 2013 25 January 2013 Vera Evertz