Briefing Papers and Reports

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Annual Report: What ORG Did in 2011 17 December 2012 Vera Evertz
Practice Study: Good Practice in Conflict Casualty Recording 22 October 2012 Elizabeth Minor, John Sloboda and Hamit Dardagan
Policy Paper: Towards the Recording of Every Casualty 22 October 2012 Elizabeth Minor
Woman holding a water vessel in Khajapettai Main. Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, In Water Scarcity: The Real and Virtual Problems 21 October 2012 Ben Zala
Oil Barrels. Source: Joe Mabel (2008) Sanctioning Iran: Implications and Consequences 9 October 2012 Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi
Climate Change: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South Climate Change: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South 1 June 2012 Hannah Brock
Iran’s Nuclear Impasse: Breaking the Deadlock 1 May 2012 Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, Gabrielle Rifkind, Paul Ingram
Marginalisation of the Majority World: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South 1 February 2012 Hannah Brock
Competition over Resources: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South 1 September 2011 Hannah Brock
New Report: Towards New Strategies For Palestinian National Liberation 1 August 2011 The Palestinian Strategy Group
Working Paper: The Legal Obligation to Record Civilian Casualties of Armed Conflict 1 June 2011 Dr Susan Breau and Rachel Joyce
Discussion Paper: Drone Attacks, International Law, and the Recording of Civilian Casualties of Armed Conflict 1 June 2011 Professor Susan Breau, Marie Aronsson, Rachel Joyce
A New Approach to Iran? 1 June 2011 Gabrielle Rifkind
Working Paper: The Drone Wars and Pakistan’s Conflict Casualties, 2010 (2nd version) 1 May 2011 Jacob Beswick
Persian Tapestry. Source: Ars Decorativa Talking to the Enemy: All Eyes are on the Arab world - Just the Right Time to Approach Iran Anew 1 April 2011 Gabrielle Rifkind Talking to the Enemy: Creating New Structures for Negotiations 1 April 2011 Gabrielle Rifkind
Bridging the North-South Divide: Sustainable Security and the Global South 1 January 2011 Hannah Brock
RCAC Legal Team Briefing: Obligations to Record Civilian Casualties 1 December 2010 Dr Susan Breau and Rachel Joyce
Piecemeal or Peace Deal? Nato, Peace Talks and Political Settlement in Afghanistan 1 November 2010 ORG, Christian Aid, Open Society Foundations
Looking for Leadership: Sustainable Security in Latin America and the Caribbean 1 September 2010 Ben Zala
In Everyone’s Interest: Recording All The Dead, Not Just Our Own 1 August 2010 Hamit Dardagan, John Sloboda and Richard Iron
REPORT AND PRESS RELEASE - Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects 1 July 2010 Paul Rogers
Pariahs to Pioneers: Report on the Israeli Settler Movement 1 May 2010 Gabrielle Rifkind
The Time is Ripe 1 April 2010 Ofer Zalzberg
Bold New Claims, No New Evidence: NATO's 'Avoidance' of Civilian Harm Needs Measuring, Not Re-stating 1 November 2009 Rosemary Forest and Hamit Dardagan
Global Security after the War on Terror 1 November 2009 Paul Rogers
Beyond Dependence and Legacy: Sustainable Security in Sub-Saharan Africa 1 June 2009 Chris Abbott and Thomas Phipps
The Need to Acquire Accurate Casualty Records in NATO Operations 1 May 2009 John Sloboda
Visions of the Endgame: A strategy to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict swiftly to an end 1 May 2009 Tony Klug
From Within and Without: Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa 1 March 2009 Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden