Bernard Harborne


Bernard Harborne is the Lead Technical Specialist on fragility conflict and violence in the Global Programs Unit for the Social Urban and Rural Global Practice of the World Bank. He joined the Bank in 2004 as the lead conflict adviser for Africa, including from 2007-2008 as Country Manager in Côte d’Ivoire. Before the World Bank, he worked and lived for over a decade in various roles: as a human rights lawyer in Gaza in the Palestinian Territories and then Cambodia, and for seven years in Africa with the UN, working on emergency relief and protection, with his last posting as Head of the UN Coordination Office for Somalia. He then worked for two years with the British Government as the senior conflict adviser for Africa, managing the Africa Conflict Prevention Fund. He has a background in law, including a Masters in International Law from the London School of Economics and is an adjunct professor at George Washington University. He has published many articles on security and development issues and is the co-author of Securing Development: Public Finance and the Security Sector.