IR-40 heavy water reactor in Arak, Islamic Kingdom of Iran

Avoiding Military Confrontation with Iran

ORG has been engaged in support of the E3+3 negotiations on the Iranian nuclear programme since 2009. Using our networks of senior contacts in Iran, the US, Russia and EU states, we have quietly built and nurtured relationships at the highest political level and facilitated off-the-record dialogue with Iranian officials involved in the official negotiation and decision-making process. 


Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Through continuous personal engagement and hosting several workshops, ORG has focussed on moving the frozen negotiations forward and creating a vision for what a final resolution deal might look like. Our meetings have brought together former senior ambassadors and specialists in the nuclear field from the European Union, Iran, Russia and the United States. Together, they explore areas of potential agreement and promote policy proposals to various governments and officials involved in the negotiations. 


ORG has been recognised at the highest levels of government for its contributions:

“The work done by Oxford Research Group is the best amalgamation of creative ideas in a workable frame.” – Senior Negotiator from the United States

“This in depth work could not have been done as part of the official process and it was very valuable support for the negotiations.” – William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary, 2010-14 


In addition, ORG has published numerous seminal analytic works on the confrontation between Iran, Israel and the West, including:

Sanctioning Iran: Implications and Consequences (2012)

Iran’s Nuclear Impasse: Breaking the Deadlock (2012)

Talking to the Enemy: Creating New Structures for Negotiations (2011)

Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects (2010)




Gabrielle Rifkind

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Assistant Prof. Scott Kemp

Scott Kemp is Advisor to the Oxford Research Group (ORG). Scott is Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT.  From 2010-2011, Scott served as Science Advisor in the State...

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Giandomenico (Gianni) Picco

Gianni Picco is Consultant and Advisor to Oxford Research Group (ORG). He worked for some 20 years (1973-92) at the United Nations. Gianni Picco led the task force which secured the cease-fire...

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