A Sustainer is an ORG supporter who is willing to commit a donation of £1,000 or more per year for at least 3 years. ORG Sustainers play a key role in spreading our work. In return for their commitment we provide regular private buffet-receptions with new edge thinking and analysis on security issues. Speakers at these meetings have included:

  • Adbul Basir Director, British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group.
  • Carne Ross Independent Diplomat – ex Foreign Office diplomat at the UN
  • Isabel Hilton ex- Editor,
  • Professor Paul Rogers Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford
  • Rebecca Johnson Director, Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
  • Dr Patricia Lewis Director, United Nations Disarmament Research Institute
  • Malcolm Savidge Labour MP for Aberdeen North, 1997-2005
  • Baroness Shirley Williams former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and Adviser on Nuclear Proliferation to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

During these meetings, and at other times, we provide opportunities for those Sustainers who wish to to offer their views and expertise about how to most effectively pursue our strategic aims.

Individuals wishing to explore the Sustainer programme further are invited to contact us to request an information pack. Richard Reeve, our Sustainable Security Programme Director, and Gabrielle Rifkind, our Middle East Programme Director, are always willing to discuss the programme in more detail with interested enquirers.