Ethical, Environmental and Equal Opportunities Statement

Oxford Research Group is committed to progressive ethical, environmental and equal opportunities policies in all areas of our work and working practices. 

Ethical Policy

Oxford Research Group is committed to an ethical approach in all our projects, programmes of work and operating procedures. We are working towards ensuring we do not make use of external suppliers or services which invest in, or have any links to, unethical industries, and preference is given, where possible, to fairtrade and other ethically sound products. As individuals, we strive to reflect the ethical values of the Group in the manner in which we work. We apply the principles of trust and dialogue in all our dealings, both amongst ourselves and with others with whom we work. Oxford Research Group guards its independence and believes in the principle of “speaking truth to power”. We therefore avoid sources of funding that may jeopardise the independence or integrity of the organisation. 

Environmental Policy

Climate change and environmental stresses are one of the root causes of global insecurity. Oxford Research Group recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment and as such is committed to working in an environmentally responsible manner. As an organisation we encourage, and are working towards, the use of environmentally responsible means of transport by our staff - all of whom use public transport or bicycles to get to the office.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Oxford Research Group is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age or any other illegal or unfair basis. Oxford Research Group, its staff and management, are committed to removing any barriers to equal opportunities in its recruitment and employment practices, and will not abide discrimination, victimisation or harassment in any form. All members of ORG respect and are committed to acting in accordance with this policy. Oxford Research Group places high value on achieving and maintaining a good gender balance among its staff, Trustees and Patrons. ORG also adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines for Ethical Internships drawn up by the Intern's Network.

We constantly work towards identifying areas of potential improvement and will continue to monitor and develop our policies and practices, reviewing this Statement on an annual basis.