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Publication: 12 August 2014

Casualty Recording and Remote Control Warfare: Elizabeth Minor discusses new report

Our latest report finds that the use of emerging 'remote-control' military tactics – armed drones, autonomous weapons, special operations forces, private military and security companies – poses serious challenges to casualty recording.  Watch Every Casualty's Elizabeth Minor discuss the significance of the new report Losing Sight of the Human Cost: Casualty Recording and Remote Control Warfare.     Read more »

Publication: 5 August 2014

Counter-terrorism Operations in the Sahel-Sahara: Richard Reeve discusses new report

Sustainable Security programme Director Richard Reeve discusses our latest report 'From New Frontier to New Normal: Counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel-Sahara'. The report finds that the Sahel-Sahara is the ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations, prompting major transitions in US and French military positioning.     Read more »

Publication: 5 August 2014

New Remote Control Report: A New Frontier of Counter-terrorism in the Sahel-Sahara

Remote Control Project: A new report finds that the Sahel-Sahara is the ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations, prompting major transitions in US and French military positioning.  Launched today, the report coincides with the 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit. Commissioned by the Remote Control Project, Oxford Research Group’s report, From New Frontier to New Normal: Counter -terrorism operations in the Sahel-Sahara finds that 2014 is a critical year for militarisation of the Sahel-Sahara and the entrenchment of foreign powers there. Read more »

Publication: 31 July 2014

Gaza: Context and Consequences

Israel's current military operation, 'Protective Edge', has now exceeded the length and scale of the 2008-09 was, with no end in sight. Indeed, by the end of July, positions were hardening and prospects for anything longer than brief further humanitarian pause seemed remote. And like Israel's previous operations, the current undertaking is failing to undermine Hamas's paramilitary capabilities and support base. In this latest briefing, Paul Rogers provides some context for the conflict together with a preliminary analysis of possible consequences, stressing why ceasefire at the earliest opportunity is not only desirable but essential for chances of long term security in the region. Read more »

Publication: 27 July 2014

Gabrielle Rifkind: Without a Vision for Peace, Violence Fills the Vacuum in Israel-Palestine Conflict

In her latest article for openDemocracy, Middle East Programme Director Gabrielle Rifkind questions how we got to this latest cycle of violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict. She argues that a clear vision of the future, one that involves all parties, will be required to pave the way to peace. Read more »

Publication: 24 July 2014

New Remote Control report: Lack of information around Afghanistan drone strikes

Remote Control Project: A new report published today finds that despite Afghanistan being the most heavily drone-bombed country in the world, the reporting of air strikes is far less comprehensive than in other theatres. Commissioned by the Remote Control project, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism's report Drones in Afghanistan: A scoping study assesses the feasibility of using open-source materials to track drone strikes in Afghanistan, modelled on its existing databases of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Read more »

Publication: 23 July 2014

Remote control warfare monthly briefing #04

Remote Control Project: The fourth in the Remote Control Project’s remote-control briefing series from Open Briefing, has been published today. The briefings cover developments in five key areas or remote warfare: special forces, private military and security companies, unmanned vehicles and autonomous weapon systems, cyber warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Read more »

Publication: 18 July 2014

New Patron of Oxford Research Group - Dr Hans Blix

We are pleased to announce that Dr Hans Blix is now a patron of Oxford Research Group. Dr Blix's long and distinguished career includes tenures as the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Head of the United Nations Monitoring, Inspection, and Verification Commission. Dr Blix has also worked closely with ORG's Middle East Programme, where his guidance and wisdom has greatly enhanced our work. Read more »

Publication: 9 July 2014

The Iraq Crisis (Part IV): Into the Second Month

Following the capture of the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh and its capital Mosul on 10 June by Sunni jihadist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Iraq continues to slide into crisis as the group advances throughout the country following declaration of an Islamic Caliphate in the territories it has captured. As the crisis moves into its second month, Paul Rogers assesses the group’s continued impact and next steps.   Read more »

Publication: 8 July 2014

Remote Control Annual Stakeholder Conference

Remote Control Project: The Remote Control project held its second annual stakeholder conference on 27 June 2014. A wide range of experts from think tanks, academia, journalism and NGOs participated at the event to discuss the work of the project to date and priorities for the future. The conference, held at Friends House, included presentations on the various tranches of work that have been commissioned by the project and discussion on work being undertaken by other organisations. Many of those to whom work has been commissioned were at hand to make presentations and this contributed greatly to the discussion and debate. Read more »